Kelferron Maine Coons logo

Grand Champion
Bloomingtree KK Ironman (DE)

Brown Classic Tabby

IntCh Mainelynx Urartu  x Ch Unicum Helene

Justcoons Thunderbolt (DE)

Silver Mackerel Tabby
(Carries solid)

Justcoons Mel Bourne  x Tashunga of El Dorado

Kelferron Helium

Blue Smoke & High White

Dances with Wolves Blue Ocean  x Justcoons Li-Sense

Funny Footprints Franklin (DE)

Black Smoke
(carries dilute)

Funny Footprints Talisman x Funny Footprints Morganna Le Faye



Kelferron Maine Coons

Ceredigion, West Wales, UK.

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